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Thanksgiving Dinner

  • 2017.11.23
  • Tid: 17:00 - 22:00
  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet
Join us for a Thanksgiving feast at the brewery! In the United States, few meals are as looked forward to and fondly remembered as Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. This year’s five course menu is designed to tickle the tastebuds of first-timers and satisfy the cravings of Thanksgiving veterans. Naturally, we’ve got things covered in terms of beer pairings should you choose the optional beer package.
Thanksgiving menu:
-Pumpkin soup w/ cornbread
-Halibut ceviche w/ lime & orange dressing, leeks and jalapeno
-Mac & Cheese with turkey, cheddar cheese & truffles
-Roasted Swedish turkey breast w/ creamed onions, brussel sprouts, walnuts & apple
-Pecan pie with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce
Vegetarian option:
-Pumpkin soup w/ cornbread
-Mac & Cheese w/ portobello mushroom, cheddar cheese & truffles
-Roasted pumpkin w/ pumpkin puree & apple/walnut sallad
-Pecan pie w/ vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce
Beer package (optional):
5 x 20 cl of selected Nya Carnegie beers
Book your table by phone (0851065082) or e-mail (